Green Screen Studio Cyclorama (12 feet high + 20 feet wide)

green screen  Florida Digital Studios specializes in green screen production and houses a dedicated green cyc room as pictured on this page as well as a secondary green screen room with an 8 x 8 portable screen. The portable unit is ideal for location shooting as well. The main cyc room is ideal for full-length body shots and moving images. It also accommodates a small camera crane for high angle shots often preferred by many creative directors. Multiple cameras can also be used if needed and a dedicated control room and switching area is adjacent and available for this purpose. The green cyc studio is also easily accessible for grip trucks as it is serviced by a large overhead door.    

The Florida Digital creative staff can assist you with virtual sets created especially for use with our green screen technology and services. For those not entirely familiar with the process, green screen mixes two images together, in which a color or a small color range from one image is removed or made transparent, revealing another image behind it. This technique is also widely used in the entertainment industry.            

Morton Plant Green Screen Use  (please click image to view samples)

Another term for this post production process is “keying”, but is often just referred to in general industry usage as “green screen”. The color and texture of a professional green screen is critical and FDS uses only brand name green screen equipment as well as specially painted green screen studio walls.       

With green screens the possibilities are endless. Many virtual sets and backgrounds can be purchased or created with very modest budgets – many with the look and quality of a high-end animation studio.

Florida Digital professionals have found the best and cleanest green screen effects are created when using our top of the line camera equipment like Panasonic HPX-500 or HPX-170 P2 systems or Canon SLR’s systems like the 5D or 7D.

We DO NOT recommend smaller DVCAM or Mini DV standard definition cameras for today’s green screen effects, as the inferior image often bleeds or “pulses” making the green screen key look amateur or distracting. Lighting is also critical and Florida Digital professionals light our screens with consistency that only experience can bring.

We offer green screen services for high definition NTSC as well as PAL videos: 60i and 50i. Our expertise in this area dates back to the earliest forms of this creative and fun technology.

Perhaps our best feature is that we can actually begin post production as we shoot. We utilize one of our Apple Final Cut Pro edit systems to directly import your green screen footage. Once in Final Cut Pro, integrated green screen software composites and creates your green screen background without the outdated need to render.

That’s right! Real time green screen. This normally reduces post production costs and gives you more flexibility. Or, if you wish to do your own post production, we load the completed green screen scenes onto your portable hard drive or can rent you one of our dependable and durable media drives. We can make it compatible with your favorite NLE (non-linear editing), Final Cut Pro, Avid or Adobe software.